Best Of The life Changer by Khadijat Abubakar Jalli Summary .

The life Changer
The life Changer

This is the summary of The life changer

The novel “The life Changer was firstly published in 2020.

The life changer is the novel given to you after your Jamb registration for you to read in preparation for the exam.

 I will be providing you with the summary of The Life Changer.  The author Khadijat Jalli dedicates the novel to her beloved children, Zahra, Najwa, Basma, Sadiq and Farha.

The Life changer is having nine chapters with eighty-two pages.

                Chapter One summary

 The children were waiting for their daddy to come back from work in the evening. Their mother was standing next to the door waiting to listen to what the children are talking about because the laughter coming from the room was cheerful and also the laughter was compelling and arresting.

 Bint, the last born of the family who is 5 years old, appeared to be the narrative voice telling her two elder sisters the story of her classroom encounter with their meddlesome Social studies teacher the previous week. The teacher believed he know a little bit about every subject under the sun, especially French which the students found strange. Bint herself was new in the school and French was optional subject foe her since she is still in primary school education, but her parents encourage her to take the subject.

 The teacher asked “Who can tell me how to say Good morning in French?”

None of the class answers and the teacher replied “You mean none of you knows how to say Good morning in French?” Bint raised her hand and stoodup slowly and answers “Bonjour”.

The teacher said “That’s very good” and Bint ask innocently”And how do you say that’s very good in French, teacher?”

The teacher bolted out of the classroom and came back few minutes later with the French mistress of the senior classes. And Bint asks her reverentially, how do you say that’s very good in French, Aunty?

 The French mistress   replied “ c’est tres bien.”

The class began clapping and laughing at the same time. The teachers left and the whole class surrounded Bint and started clapping and singing for her.

 The family is used to keeping each other’s company and their mother usually go in to their room unannounced to keep them on their toes where issues of personal hygiene were concerned.

 My own grandmother use to tell us when we were young that what you teach a child is like writing on a rock and when dried, it would be difficult to erase.

“I am so proud of you, Bint” I said, as I wedged myself between Bint and Jamila, her immediate elder sister. They were all sited by the edge of the bed and looked up at me as If my intrusion had all along been anticipated.

 Bint said “Thank you mummy”, as she nestled even closer to me. She was the darling of the entire family.

They all call me Mummy not Mama that other children in the community call their mother and they couldn’t call me Ummi , which was my name at home and it also means Mummy.

It actually translated to my mother in Arabic, because I was named after my paternal grandmother.

 The social study teacher name was Mallam Salihu.

“It is not fair to push your teacher beyond what they know”.

My children seem to have forgotten I was teacher to too.

Teemah was the second child.

There was a knock on the door and it was Omar, the first born and only son of the house. He was back very happy and he jumped on her mother and said “I made it mom”.

He has left home earlier to the café to check his admission status and he has been given admission to study law at the Kongo campus of Ahmadu bello university, Zaria.

They all congratulate him and were waiting for his dad to come back from work so that he can share the good news with him, and his dad has promise to get him an Android phone. So Omar tell them that no one should tell his dad about this except him.

 Jamila was the third born. Let go under the mango tree. They want to celebtate it when their father come back from work by 5, o clock pm.

Bint said “Mummy, I want to drink sobo”.

Omar replied “I can buy that for everybody”.

“Teemah, bring five bottles of sobo”.

Teemah replied “Bring money first”, and they both ended up in an argument.

 They are all going to sit under the mango tree in the backyard, and their mom ask Teemah to bring the sobo that she will pay.

 Omar was telling his mom reason why his dad should get him an android phone, and she told him they will see to that when his dad is back.

“Meanwhile, do you know the implication of this admission in your life?

“Sure, it means I have arrived.  I am at one with members of the intelligential”.

His Mum smiled.

“Listen my son, this admission is a Life Changer for you”.

“Life changer?”


“What does that mean, mum?”

Teemah said “It means it change your life”.

“It means more than that, my dear. It means it also changes you”.

“How can it change me?”

Well, I might not be able to categorically tell you how it can change you. But I know how my admission changes me.

“How, Mum?”

Their mother proceeds to tell her children how her admission changed her. 

Chapter 2 summary

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