Chapter 2 summary of The Life Changer

The life changer
The life changer

The life changer

Their mother begin from where her dad told her that she will marry before going to the University , which their father also agreed with.

So it was a double celebration for her and the people of Lafayette, because their daughter, Ummi, was getting married and also going to the University. She continued,  In the University you hardly know the different from a student and the Lecturer, because they all dress in house wears not uniforms like primary and secondary school. So Omar, asked does that mean I will not be wearing uniforms again Mom?, and she answer No because law students are having their own dressing codes which is black trousers with white shirt and black neckties for boys and ditto for girls except that in place of trousers girls wear skirts. But even that is during classes only. She also told them about how girls dress in the University leaves very little  to the imagination which means they almost dress naced.

 Bint, was surpried, because in her school they send students home for wearing the wrong sandals not to talk of dressing. Her mom explained to her, that’s because you are still in primary school.

 She told them to stop interacting in what she is saying because  its taking their time.

 She told them about her first day in the University, how they were all on a quie at the faculty registration office.

Salma was fair complexioned girl, tall, and rather busty. The tight fitting clothes she wore made you wonder how she wiggle herself into them. She was the last person to come and she has not stand up to fifteen minutes and she’s already saying lecturers are like policemen, because they will just waste your time for nothing. But if you can give them bribe, they will allow you to pass. And as she said this a young man was interrogating her, she said for boys, lecturer will collect money to make them pass and for girls, they will ask them for a date. The young man ask her how she knows about all this, and she said that’s not her first time in the University. She removed her sunshades and asked the young man why he is asking her all these questions and she put them back on. She called the registrar a monkey that if she goes in and give him Three thousand he will attend to her, and the young man ask others if they should allow Salma to go in and talk with the registrar, they all said YES.

Just then, a man came out of the office and lock the door with a wet duster in his hand and held straight to  the young man and said the office is ready Sir. They were all confused and Salma had remove her sunshades again looking at the young man. The Youngman said, thanks John, please be fast with cleaning next time so that we will not be keeping our students waiting for long time. John said okay sir and wilged out. The registrar has been standing in the queue with them all this while without them knowing. He went inside his office and tell them to maintain the first come, first serve order.

The life changer

 After the registration, Ummi went to the HOD (Head Of Department) office for her matric number. He is also a young man with tribal marks which means he is either an Igala man of a Yoruba man. She enter the HOD’s office and he asked how he can be of help to her, she told him she came for her matric number and she was asked to sit down. The HOD name was SAMUEL JOHNSON. PhD. He was Ummi husbands friend but she did not know. He asked what’s your name and she replied UMMI AHMED. He was admiring her attire and that could came to her mind was what Salma said, they will ask boys for money and ask girls for date. She was replying rudely and wanted to get out of the office as soon as possible. She went to the toilet and when she came out, the HOD said you are UG0001. I pray as you are first here, you will be first in everything. She said thank you and left his office almost rudely, and he sent his secretary after her to tell her she has to proceed to the 100 level coordinator.

The life changer

 She get home very tired in the evening and prepared her husband food before he will be back from work and she went to take her bath and rest.

 When the husband comes back he eat and rest after that she was about narrating how her first day at the university was when he said “you cant just be too sure with people these days.”

 It was about their quit neighbor then the wife cut in to tell him about how her first day in the university was from the registrar office, to Salma incident and also the HOD incident that happen she supplied additional commentary to the incident that happen in the HOD’s office, without bothering of hiding anything . “What’s his name?” the husband asked.

The life changer

“I can not really remember, dear. Why?” she replied.


She was shocked. “YES” she said simply.

 He asked if he was having a tribal mark and she said Yes. The husband doubled up his feats of laughter, he almost fell out of his chair. Then he said “He is Yoruba” “that is Dr. Samjohn, alright. He is my friend”. She stared open-mouthed at her husband . He saw the surprise on her face and added “Actually, he was the one who assisted me with your admission.”

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