Best Thing To Do To Pass Your JAMB

Best Thing To Do To Pass Your JAMB

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What can I do to pass my jamb Examination?

Best Thing To Do To Pass Your JAMB

I will be showing you few steps on what to do to pass your Jamb examination. Jamb is the the exam written by a student to give them access to apply for any University or Polytechnic of there choice. You are to choose any three school of your choice then an additional one will  be given to you by Jamb when registering for your Jamb.

  1. Study the subject in the syllabus: How will I get the syllabus? In the CBT center that your register for your exam you will be provided with a disk which contain the Jamb syllabus for each subject.
  2. Get yourself a PQ

PQ means Past Question. It is usually sold min a bookshop, It contains Questions and answers for the previous year examination. Studying this will help you to be prepared for your exams with questions that are likely to come out.

  • Group study

This is getting 2 or more group of people together that are also having same aim as you which means they are also going to write same subjects in there Jamb as you.

A date will be set for classes with time you will be meeting for the lesson and also a venue for the lesson. This group studies also helps a lot because in each of the subjects, you will be writing in your Jamb each of you will be having individual subjects you are go at, and a teacher will be provided in each subject the individual is good at.

  • Going for Jamb Tutorial

This is usually a place whereby each subjects will be provide with qualified teachers to be taking students in each subject they will be sitting for in there exams. This means you as a Jamb candidate, you can look a center fort Jamb lessons . They usually base there topics on JAMB syllabus and they have provide qualified teachers that will be teaching there students in each of the subjects they will be sitting for in their exams for better understanding and opportunity to ask questions in topics they did not understand.

Those centers always make sure they teach there students well and they understand what they are teaching them, because this will help them in growing. Each students that comes out well will want to recommend others to the center the next year exam.

  • Social media groups

The world is now advanced with different social medias out there. But this is usually done on Facebook and Whatsapp.

This is creating a social media group for Jamb students and doing groups study in it like questions and answers, and it is mostly done on Facebook and Whatsapp.


.       Is calculator Available?

        The answer is YES. For those writing subjects related to calculations, you will be provide with a calculator on your computer and this is just a calculator with Addition, Subtraction, Multiplication and Division sign.

How to answer your JAMB questions

For those that are Computer illiterate this will guide you on how to use the Computer when Answering your JAMB Questions.

Most of those that register for the UTME/DE are always worried because they did not have idea of how to use a computer and some are worried because they’ve not come across it before.

This post will enlighten us on how to answer our JAMB question during the examination.

Once you get to the center provide for you to write your exam, you will be given your sit number in the print out sent to you.


Ensure your are siting on your sit Number to avoid any error .

Best Thing To Do To Pass Your JAMB
How to answer jamb question

You will be asked to type your examination number on the system, after doing this your are to press enter. Once you do this it will bring out your Examination details which include your name, picture and others. You are to confirm your details if its correct then you proceed to the questions.

Your are to choose the subject you will like to answer then you will be given numbers of questions in that subject after answering it you can  proceed to the next question.

NOTE THIS do not make mistake of clicking submit when you are not yet done with the questions. Once you click SUBMIT that means you are through with your answers. So make sure you are very careful with this.

Once you click a question for example you click question 1 and it says,

1 Which of the following is a country?

  1. Lagos
  2. Nigeria
  3. Kwara
  4. Abuja

You will be provided with a check box in front of each options, so you are to move you mouse to click on your correct options then or you can simply select the options with your keyboard. Let say the answer is option B you can press the B button on your keyboard or move your mouse to option B and click it.

To proceed to the next question, after selecting your answer from the option provided in the question, you will see the word NEXT at the down part of the options then your click it.

Note this: You can go to your next question if you don’t know the answer for the present question yet to help you and save the time so after answering the ones you know youwill go back and check the ones you’ve not answer.

For those offering subjects with calculation a calculator is always available in the computer with the Addition, subtraction, division and multiplication sign in the calculator . All advance sign is excluded.

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