What can be broken but never held

I will be showing you lists of what can be broken but never held below.

What can be broken but never held
What can be broken but never held

List of what can be broken and causes

Firstly we have the Human heart: It is very hard to build it but is also easy to break, once it’s broken it never held, you just have to move on with your life and act as if nothing happened and this is usually called love(a feeling for intense attraction towards someone).

Trust: This is your belief or reliance on someone





This can also be a riddle

What can Be Broken But Never Held

Answer to the riddle, “What Can Be Broken But Never Held”?

This riddle may sound fun but tricky, the answer sounds fun right.

Just calm down and think outside the box. What can be broken but never held, is it wood? A pack of cigars? A brick? Just think! Give yourself time… Anyways, if you have not gotten the answer, we have it here.

The answer to the riddle, wait for it…drum roll, please…

The answer is a promise!

Effect of broken promises.

They are both positive and negative effects of broken promises;

Broken promises can occur anytime, by anyone. Family, Friends, co-workers e.t.c. It is not just seen in relationships and couples. It can even occur between a mother and her children. An individual can also make promises to him/herself and not keep them. Thereby losing Their self-confidence.

The negative effect of broken promises

1. It Fractures the images of those who held to them

2. It lowers the self-esteem of the person who made the promise.

3. Mistrust and Anger fills the life of whosoever believed in a made promise.

4. It leaves its victims chattered.

5. Disrespect begins to emerge

Positive effects of broken promises

1. Broken promises teaches one to believe in himself.

2. Broken promises help a 1victim not to repeat the same mistakes again.

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