Things To Know About Boarding School Rules

What precisely is a boarding school, then? Let’s establish exactly what constitutes a boarding school before we learn about the various types of boarding schools.

A school that allows students to reside on campus is typically referred to as a boarding school. To completely prepare kids for life after school, these kinds of schools frequently have stricter requirements.

Remember that some residential schools also accept day-only students. The school might provide you the choice to send your child to the program without living on campus if you live close by and want that option. Being a part of a boarding school has several advantages for day students, including the range and depth of weekend activities and making friends with students from around the globe.

Boarding School Rules

Below are some of the Boarding School Rules gotten from our research

The DO’s

  • When on school property, dress appropriately (please also see the “Uniform Policy (Boarding School)”).
  • Comply with all boarding school schedules.
  • Any boarder who has to skip a routine for legitimate reasons should ask their parents for permission and request leave from a member of the board (please also check the session “(e) Leaves”).
  • Use your personal smart card to enter the boarding school.
  • Continue to attend the boarding school from 2:00am until 6:30am.
  • For boarders who return late but have permission, the curfew is 23:00.
  • Keep quiet throughout practice sessions.
  • After lights-out, remain in bed.
  • Anyone caught leaving their room or dorm without a valid excuse will be disciplined.
  • Inform the boarding staff right away about any accidents and security issues.

The Do Not

  • The Boarding School is also subject to the “Forbidden” list in Section 1 of the School Rules.
  • “Classrooms” are defined as spaces other than dorm rooms and common areas.
    • Pagers and cell phones ought to only be used after school.
  • Bully. (Please see the “Policy on Bullying” as well.)
  • Bet money.
  • Engage in sports at the boarding school.
  • Balls must be maintained in a dedicated container and not be left in the dorms, rooms, hallways, or stairwell area.
  • Interrupt people, particularly during preparation or study periods.
  • Bringing huge sums of cash or valuables to the boarding school.
  • The School disclaims any liability for losses.
  • Get loans from other people.
  • Any boy in need of money immediately should ask the boarding staff for assistance.
  • Injure or deface boarding school or educational facilities.
  • Make loud noises or shout in the boarding school.
  • Climb a wall, piece of furniture, a fence, a railing, or any other structure.
  • Invite classmates or acquaintances to the boarding school.
  • Before entering the boarding school, all non-boarders must sign in at the boarding school office.

Use another passenger’s smart card.

  • Immediately notify the boarding staff if you lose your card.

Facilities And Rooms

  • Boys can only enter the dorm they are currently living in. It is forbidden to enter any other dorms.
  • Each boy is expected to keep his room and dorm tidy.

– Eating, drinking and art works should be done in the Common Rooms.

  • Between 7:45 and 14:50 and 15:45 during the day, the boarding school is closed.
  • The junior-floor Common Room is closed from 22:20.
  • Study spaces should be maintained tidy and quiet and should only be used for studying.
  • At the boarding school office, sign for the key to any practice space for music. Do not give the key to another boarder; instead, bring it back to the office when you are done.

You can also check Google for more rules.

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