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Renaissance Admissions Consulting was created to clarify the admissions processes at top colleges and graduate schools in the United States. Evaluation takes into account a wide range of variables, such as leadership, charisma, and character. We can help you realize your aspirations of finding a fantastic school thanks to the experience of a counselor who has worked in admissions offices and has firsthand insights into how the process works.

About Renaissance Admissions Consulting 

Christina Chong is committed to the subject of education and has a variety of experiences, including working as a teacher, and a professional in higher education admissions, and currently the creator of a boutique consulting firm that assists clients in being accepted to undergraduate and graduate programs. She has been enthralled with the university application process ever since she was a youngster doing college research. When she was in high school, admissions information was not as easily accessible and applications had to be mailed in. Despite having several hundred students on their caseload, her guidance counselor made sure her application got extra attention. In order to follow her dream of attending Amherst College, Christina rejected the Ivy League.

Current Landscape for College Admissions

In the US, there are about 4000 colleges and institutions that award degrees. The application process for admission is intricate and filled with subtle differences. In the previous twenty years, the environment has seen a substantial transformation. Nowadays, electronic applications predominate over paper ones. Students are applying to more colleges than ever before and are increasingly taking a wider geographic range into consideration thanks to the simplicity of online submission. Many colleges request many essays in order to further identify applicants at the best universities. In order to prevent duplication, the essays must show off your personality and passion while also setting the scene for what you can provide to a college campus. It takes skill to display your activity listings in a way that demonstrates your leadership, commitment, and positive impact on others. There is a method involved in choosing whether to submit scores, and the majority of universities are currently tested optional.

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