Legacy Childhood Education Centers 

Childhood education is important. It is an effective way of laying a foundation in the life of an individual for possible future encounters. Do you think it will be a plus to have your kid(s) educated while you keep them out of your sight for some time? Then Legacy Childhood Education Centers is one place to consider on the assumption that you reside somewhere in the United States.  

In case you are probably more perturbed about your overwhelming job then it would be nice to enroll your little children in a preschool program or daycare center. One reason this is better compared to having them under the watch of a babysitter is that they’ll not only get attention but also education. 

Is Legacy Childhood Education Centers Good for your kids? 

As much as we have gathered and as far as we have come to know, LCEC is one of the best daycare centers you can take your children to. The school has got a lot of recommendations on the internet. 

It is also having an overall rating of 4.1 stars at the time of this report. 

Many have attested to it online that the school offers standard education and attention to kids under its care. 

In view of the several reviews from patrons of the center, the institution is a nice place to get your kids enrolled. People have reported that their little children are always delighted to return to the center when it is time. This is one good sign in children to tell how comfortable they are with an environment. 

Where is Legacy Childhood Education Centres located? 

Legacy Childhood Education Centers

9135 E 61st St, Tulsa, OK 74133, USA. The United States hosts the institution, which is the next building after the ‘Church of Christ.’ 

It is situated in a conducive and quite little piece of land in the said area. 

In case you would also like to do this, here is a link to visit the school’s website.

You can have a clear look at the surroundings of the school here. The result is from Google Maps. When you get the image in front of you, ensure to zoom whatever you want to see clearly and rotate it with your fingers or mouse if you use a smartphone or laptop, respectively. 

Double tapping on the specific object you want to examine clearly will be a faster means to have a good picture of where you are about to take your kids. 

What is the center’s capacity? 

Based on the child-to-employee ratios and facility size, we gathered that the school is available to a maximum number of 90 children for its program. 

You should also be able to figure this out by looking at the picture of the school on Google’s map. 

Why Legacy Childhood Education Centers?

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Since the ratio of teachers to learners is one factor that could affect learning, many prefer to enroll their kids in less populated preschool centers – making Legacy Childhood Education Centers a choice to be considered. 

  • If you intend to let your children have their formal education on time, then a daycare center like LCEC is the choice. 
  • The school also allows you to have some space of your own by helping to take care of your kids during school hours. 
  • Your kids meet with other children and learn at the same time. 

Contact Legacy Childhood Education Centres 

Would you like to speak with someone that will put you through the operations of the school? Then talk with a rep via the mobile number below: 

+1 918-250-5537. 


Considering people’s reviews of the institution’s service and the several benefits of childhood education in children, you would be interested in enrolling your kids in Legacy Childhood Education Centers. Do read more on our site!

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