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Preschool Admission Agreement 

Date: ____
To the Parents of: ________________________

Welcome to (Name of your school) We are thrilled that you have decided to send your kid to our school. The welfare of the kids under our care is of utmost importance to us. Providing each student with the educational foundation they need for the future is our aim.

Following the stage of their academic path. We value every student and are eager to see what they can do.

Their academic, physical, spiritual, and social development is to the utmost.

In accordance with California state rules, we provide a healthy morning and afternoon snack.

Lists are displayed in the cafeteria and in every class. Please inform us of any dietary restrictions or allergies your child needs.

Children must pack their own lunch from home.

We do not currently offer any further services or you add more.

Financial Policies

Despite the fact that some months include holidays or school breaks, the tuition for the entire academic year is split into equal amounts. Installment payments from the yearly contract make up the monthly installments. The summer tuition payment schedule will be provided to those enrolling during the summer.

during summer sign-ups in the spring.

Late enrollment tuition

The remaining days of the year’s tuition will be prorated based on a weekly cost, which may include

alter the monthly fee just a little from what is specified.

Required documents

All required California State licensing documents must be completed and returned within 30
days of your signed Enrollment in our School. Your child will not
be allowed to begin school without these documents; there are NO EXCEPTIONS.

Opening and closing time

We open from 7:00 am to 6:00 pm Monday through Friday. Your child’s schedule has been
reserved for the following beginning on (date) ______________.
Mon. Wed. Fri. _ Tues. Thurs. _ Mon.-Fri. _

Payment Plans 2 Day Program-T/TH School Year Monthly

Half Day $4,700.00 $470.00
_ Full Day $5,330.00 $533.00
_ Full Day + $6,170.00 $617.00

3 Day Program-M/W/F School Year Monthly

_ Half Day $6,170.00 $617.00
_ Full Day $7,115.00 $711.50
_ Full Day + $9,375.00 $837.50

5 Day Program M-F School Year Monthly

_ Half Day $9,375.00 $10,37.50
_ Full Day $10,950.00 $11,95.00
_ Full Day + $12,000.00 $1,100.00

Schedule times

8:15am-11:45am (half day), 8:15am-2:45pm (full day) and 7:00am-6:00pm (full
day + EC). Families have 15 minutes before school and after school for drop off and pick up at
no charge. Fees will be added for drop off before 8:00 am and late pick up after 12:00 or 3:00
depending on your child’s schedule.

Payment Provisions

Every family must sign up for FACTS, our online tuition management system.
On the third of each month, tuition is payable. Payments received after the third are subject to a $25 late fee, and all returned payments are subject to a $40.00 returned check fee.

Every schedule modification will result in a $60.00 fee. (Such as three days to

5 days, from half to full days, etc.)

Absences due to illness, vacation, or other reasons are not eligible for refunds, deductions, or credits.

center closures due to emergencies.

Make-up days for occasional absences are NOT allowed.

There is no extra charge

Summer camp is not part of the academic school year and separate summer rates will apply.
Full-day and full-day + (EC) students are eligible for daycare during scheduled school breaks.
Parents are required to sign up their child during these breaks if care is needed for their child.
The center closes at 6:00 pm. There is a $10.00 late fee, plus $1.00 per minute for pick up after 6:00 pm.
Legacy Christian Preschool requires two (2) weeks paid and written notice prior to withdraw or
long term absence.

Fee Changes

A 30-day prior written notice will be provided by LCS before any rate or fee changes are made
to existing contracts.
Prior to, or within 30 calendar days following your child’s enrollment a written medical assessment for your child must be provided to LCS. It must include a record of your child’s immunizations, results of a test for TB, and must not be more than one year old when obtained.
I am enrolling my child ______________ at Legacy Christian Preschool at a
monthly rate of _ for months.
I have read and understand this Admission Agreement. Initials: _ Parent name: ______________ (please print name)
Parent signature ____________________Date _
Director name: __________ (please print name)
Director signature: _______________ Date _

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