How Heavy Is A Tesla

Tesla is an Electrical automobile company that produces automobiles that makes use of electricity to move. Tesla products are not heavy due to most of the engines have to do with electrical which makes it to reduce the number of metals that will be added during production.

Unfortunately, your Tesla does not receive an annual physical in which a doctor can weigh your EV, and there aren’t many vehicle-sized scales readily available to drivers.

Fortunately, Tesla has provided the weights of the majority of its vehicles, but there are still varying factors.

Aside from different model types, the weight of some Teslas can vary depending on their trim or powertrain. Although electric motors are not as heavy as ICE engine blocks, they do carry some weight.

However, more performance means more electric motors, and more motors mean more weight.

The size and cargo space of the Tesla itself is also an obvious consideration, as a Model X will almost certainly weigh more than a Model 3 — and pretty much any other Tesla.

Below are some of the Tesla cars with there weight:

Tesla Roadster

Tesla’s flagship EV is still the company’s lightest model. The original Tesla Roadster is a limited-run EV that is now considered a collector’s item by some, so its weight has not changed in the decade or so it has been on the market.

The first-generation Roadster weighs 2,723 pounds.

Model S

The Model S sedan is the second oldest Tesla model on our list and the one that has been in production the longest. The Model S may be heavier after a refresh earlier in 2021 that will eventually bring the tri-motor Plaid powertrain to drivers.

The 4,561-pound dual-motor Long Range trim has been delayed until 2022.

When it (hopefully) arrives this fall, the tri-motor Plaid Model S will weigh 4,766 lbs.

Model X

Unsurprisingly, the largest current Tesla is also the heaviest (we’re still waiting on you, Cybertruck).

Both the Long Range and new Plaid Model X, which are currently available in two trim levels, weigh more than any of their Tesla siblings.
The Model X Long Range weighs 5,185 pounds, while the Plaid Model X with three motors weighs 5,390 pounds. Both trims are expected to be available in the first quarter of 2022, alongside the Long Range Model S.

Model 3

Regardless of the powertrain, the cheapest Tesla available is also one of the lightest. The Tesla Model 3 is currently available in three different configurations:

At 3,582 lbs, the single-motor Model 3 Standard Range Plus is the second-lightest Tesla ever.
Long Range and Performance, the other two dual-motor Model 3 trims, both weigh 4,065 lbs.


Tesla products are less heavy than other autos that function with mechanical engines due to them being powered mostly by electrical parts, unlike others that have much metal in them.


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