Criminology and Security Studies Jobs in Nigeria

Below is the best way to understand Criminology and Security Studies jobs in Nigeria. There is always a job available for those that study this because people always need their service.

Criminology is the technical study of crime through law enforcement and crime prevention methods. It is also a subfield of sociology, which is the technical study of social behavior.
Security studies is an area of study that focuses on the individual and aggregation to both employ organized violence.

A degree in criminology and security studies can provide you with an excellent foundation for employment in a wide range of relevant professions, from more established careers such as prison and police service to enterprises in the area of group welfare and security.

Top list of Criminology and Security Jobs

Below are the lists of jobs you can do if you study Criminology and Security studies,

  • Private Investigator
  • Loss Prevention Officer
  • Correctional Officer
    Criminology Professor
  • Police Detective
  • Lawyer
  • Criminal Profiler

And there are many other jobs you can do too.

Available Criminology and Security Jobs in Nigeria

Here is the list of jobs you can apply for

Administrative Assistant

Location: Abuja

Qualification: A degree in Sociology, Criminology, Political Science, Business Administration, or Intelligence & Security Studies is required.

Experience: Must have a minimum of 5 years of experience.

Salary: # 9,688,215 per annum

Deadline: 10th of November, 2022

To apply click Here


Qualification: Ex-serviceman from military or paramilitary outfits or person trained in Security operations

Salary: Around #450, 000/ #1000,000 per annum.

Requisite experience in similar jobs

Must be computer literate

To apply click here

Guards Manager at ASA SECURITY

Qualification: BSc/ BA,/HND

Experience: At least 3 years

Click Here to apply


With our view on Criminology and Security studies jobs, the course is a must go for any students that is ready to work immiediatly after there studies without waiting for any big company to employ them. There are lots of company in need of those services


Is criminology a good course to study?

Yes. It is always a good course to study

Is security a good job?

Yes it is but only if you have the courage

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