Type Of Value In Civic Education

We have 3 types of value in civic education which are listed here with their meanings and examples below.

But first what is value? Value is the usefulness and importance of something or an object. For example, we all need data to access our phone internet without it the internet won’t open which is why we all value our data and always want to buy another one before it’s finished.

3 Types Of Value In Civic Education

We have 3 types of values which are:

1. Positive Value

Positive value refers to things or qualities that are good, desirable, or worthwhile. For example, a student with positive values respects himself, the constituted authority, seniors, and even classmates. Other positive qualities include gratitude, honesty, hard work, and obedience.

2. Negative Value

A negative value can be referred to as bad behavior in such a way that is against something. For example, Stealing, lying, cheating, abusing, disobeying the rules and regulations and others are all negative values because they will be of no positive results.

3. Intrinsic Values

This type of value is natural behavior by a person or something.

It is also an estimate of the value of an asset based on a financial model. The term frequently refers to the work of financial analysts who assess what they believe to be a stock’s intrinsic value outside of its perceived market price on any given day.

These assessments are carried out using fundamental and technical analysis, as well as a variety of methods to account for qualitative, quantitative, and perceptual factors.

Importance Of Value

Values influence your thoughts, actions, and beliefs. They assist you in remaining authentic and proper in a variety of social settings. They differ from short-term or long-term goals in that they are not situation-specific. While you may not always be aware of your values, understanding what you believe and why can help you make the best decisions for yourself.

Knowing your values can also help you find job opportunities that align with your deeply held beliefs and make you more confident in an interview. If you value security, you might look for a job where your responsibilities are unlikely to change frequently and you work the same hours every day.


How many types of value did we have

We have 3 types of value

What are the types of value

We have Positive, Negative, and Intrinsic Values

What is value in Civic Education

Value is the importance or usefulness of something

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