Below are what to consider before choosing any higher institution:

  Below are what to consider before choosing any higher institution:

Most people make taken of which institute to choose which later affects their Academics.

How will I know the Institution to choose?

I will like us to read all this gently with patients and try as much as possible to put it to work before choosing any Higher institution.

     Firstly let’s take note of the following list below:

  1. What’s your desired Course?
  2. Which institute teaches this course better?
  1. What’s your desired course to study?

Most of us already have one or two courses we will like to study before sitting for Your O, level Exams. So let’s make sure we already know all the required subjects, marks, and results needed for this course with the total Jamb score needed. And when choosing the course to study, let’s make sure we are good in the subjects needed and make sure you are having one or two other alternative courses you would like to study, after this make sure you are in all the required subjects and makes then you can proceed to number 2.

  • Which Institute teaches the course better?

Many of the aspirants makes this mistake by just choosing any university saying they just want to leave home or they are tired of staying at home which later affects their study. When it comes to choosing which institution to study, you have to be very careful to avoid just choosing anyhow school. For example, someone that wants to study Engineer chooses an Education University, and ends up graduating now and went to submit an application to a company as someone that went to Technology University with the same grade it’s very sure that the person from the Technology University will be employed first. So before saying this is the school I will like to go to, make sure you have do your proper research if they are good in teaching the course you want to study and if they are also having all the require materials for practical.

NOTE THIS: Do not choose any Institute because one of your family member or friend is there! Make sure you are choosing the school because they are good in taking your desire course to study. To help you graduate with good grades and outstanding among others.

When choosing the institution to study also take note of

Cost of the Institute:

    Lets take note of this very well, lots of student also make this mistake of choosing an Institution without knowing what it takes to be there which later leads to them not being able to cope with there studies and later leads to dropout or reject of admission they have been seeking for a long time.

How do i know Cost of the Institution?

Before choosing any institution make sure you take note of the following too.

  1. How much is the school fees
  2. What’s the cost of living in the school environment
  3. Are you capable of staying in that area?

1 How much is the school fees? Don’t just choose any institute without knowing the school fee, when choosing institution, make sure you have do proper research about the school fees. And when doing always this always make sure your are checking the Indigene and non-indigene too because the schools are not usually the same.

What’s Indigene and non-indigene?

This simply means being an origin of the state like someone who his state of origin is Oyo state is an Indigene of Oyo state.

2 What’s the cost of living in the school environment? Yes is very important to take note of this too, to know the cost of living in the school environment it includes House rent, cost of food stuffs, cost of waters and others make sure you confirm this too.

3 Are you capable of staying in that area? This simply means can afford the cost of living in that area.

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