How many degrees in a triangle

For those finding it very hard to calculate how many degrees are in a triangle, the answer is in all triangles we always 3 sides with a total of 180 degrees if the triangles are been drawn well.

What is Triangle?

To make this simple for better understanding, triangle simply means 3 angles . Triangle angles are also the inside corners of a triangle. There are three of them. You will always have three angles no matter what size or type of triangle you have. Do you notice how each of these triangles has three angles? Our three angles can be labeled as a, b, and c. It makes no difference which one we label, as long as all three are labeled.

So the total degrees that are in a triangle is 180.

Why does are triangle have 180 degree?

Firstly the reason is beacause traingle is always having 3 angels which means each of the angles have the same degree which is 60 then we multiply it by the total number which is 3 now 3 * 60 = 180.

We also have 3 different types of basic triangle which are A scalene triangle which have 3 sides of different length, an isosceles triangle which have two sides of same length and one side of a different length and we have equilateral triangle which is having 3 sides with same length.

How many degrees in a isosceles triangle

An isosceles triangle has two equal-length sides and one of different. Let us do a quick activity to better understand this. Fold the rectangular sheet of paper in half. Make a straight line from the top folded corner to the bottom edge (as shown in the figure below). When you open the sheet, you’ll notice a triangle. Mark the triangle’s vertices as O, D, and C. Now, take OD and OC measurements. Observe the pattern as you repeat this activity with different measures. We can see that OD and OC are always the same. An isosceles triangle is defined as a triangle with two equal sides.

And the degree is also 180 degree

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