Hathaway Brown School 9th Grade Supply List

This Scholarship was made to help those that are having mental health issues or those that are having relatives with mental issues to support them and the founder was Dr. Terence O. Hayes Sr..

This scholarship is available to those that are having a mental health problem or they are having loved ones that have been affected.

this program was organized due to how Ethel Hayes took her life nearly 50 years ago when she was struggling to deal with the reality of the inner and outer world.

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Aim Of This Scholarship

Dr.Terence O. Hayes Sr. wants to help millions of people who are suffering from mental health in honor of her late mother.

Who Can Apply

Any student with a mental health problem can apply for this scholarship.

How To Apply

You will have to write an essay on how your mental health has impacted your beliefs, relationships, and aspirations.

Click Here to apply.


What is a Scholarship?

A scholarship is a type of money given to students to help them continue their studies. Scholarships are given out according to a number of factors, including academic excellence, diversity and inclusion, athletic prowess, and financial necessity. The requirements for scholarships typically reflect the principles and objectives of the award’s founder or donor.

Who Can Apply for this scholarship?

Students with mental health problems.

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