College with competitive requirements often require

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This shows how competitive Georgetown is and how rigorous the requirements for admission are. It is required to pass one of or both the SAT or ACT in order to submit an application to Georgetown. For every 100 applicants, 49 are accepted.

College with competitive requirements often require
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The school will require that you meet their requirements in terms of GPA in addition to SAT ACT scores, however, they are much more accommodating than many schools. In addition, you must be able to make an impressive application. Many schools require SAT as well as the ACT and some also require SAT subjects tests.

Competitive Requirements

Competitive Admission.

We recommend that you begin applying early as admission is competitive and works on a continuous basis and space in every program is restricted.

The University of Alberta offers an array of courses, each with specific classes, requirements for courses, and averages that vary between years. Admission averages specific to each program aren’t available. However, trends for admission averages from the previous three admission cycles are listed below.

Note: These historic admission averages don’t constitute an indication of the likelihood of admission in the future.

Every applicant is unique, and each enrolment cycle is different. The reason why applications are evaluated continuously. This gives applicants the chance to modify what constitutes “a competitive application” during the admissions timeframe (October 1 to August 31) depending on a range of variables, such as:

  • The number of applicants who are qualified for a specific program.
  • The averages are given by the applicants in the year before.
  • The capacity of the program

To be eligible for admission the applicants must meet:

  • Are they taking the courses required for their program?
  • Have met the minimal requirements of their program
  • Submit a completed application form and submit it with the application fee
  • Candidates who aren’t accepted into their first-choice programs will be evaluated in their second-choice program if it is they are listed.

Note: Students who have received an admission offer must be able to meet the minimum admission requirements as well as all other conditions specified in the admission offer letter to be admissible.

Minimum Requirement

Entry is competitive. Admission is not guaranteed even if the minimum requirements are met always remember this.

Even after receiving an admissions offer, you must still meet the minimal requirements for each course to continue to be eligible. (For more details, see the admission letter of offer.)

Admission Average Ranges: 3-Year Trend

The admission average ranges reflect the past 3 admission cycles. Admission is competitive.  Meeting these requirements does not guarantee admission. 

The University of Alberta strives to recruit First Nations, Métis, and Inuit learners and has equity averages to improve access to education for prospective First Nations, Métis, and Inuit applicants. Contact our Indigenous Recruitment Team at to learn to know more about this.

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