Complementary Admission For Teachers And Students
Complementary Admission For Teachers And Students

Have you been wondering what they mean by the word Complementary Admission For Teachers and Students? well, you will be provided with the full details here.

What does complementary mean?

If something is complimentary, then it somehow completes or enhances the qualities of something else. And it also means a complement is a word, phrase, or clause that is necessary to complete the meaning of a given expression.

Now let’s talk about what Admission means

Admission is the process of admitting someone or an acknowledgment of the truth of something.

Now that we know what Complementary and Admission mean let’s move on to know what teachers and students mean.

What Is Wrong In This Sentence “Complimentary Admission For Teachers and Students”

There are two distinct words: “compliment” implies expressing something pleasant to someone else. Its adjective form, in addition to describing this activity, also describes offering something valuable to another person for free as a favor to them.

“Most hotels provide free shampoos and conditioners to their visitors.”

This is the correct definition, with I as the second vowel.

The word “complement” means to add something distinct to something other so that they are complete together. The second vowel “e” corresponds to the word “complete.”

“To establish a solid marriage, the husband’s earnestness and dependability complemented his wife’s vitality and zest.”

Frequently asked questions

Who is a teacher?

ANS: It refers to someone who assists others in learning. It is used in this context to refer to someone who supports learning, including higher education institutions.

Who is a student?

ANS: A student is someone who attends school or another type of educational institution for learning.

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